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Wyatt Daglá Severs

My work is a conversation of balance between my need to sculpt wood and natural tree growth. Using traditional drafting methods, every piece begins as a full-scale design drawing on paper. Through the use of heavy machinery, wood is measured, cut and reassembled into new forms. I rely on other materials to embellish my pieces and physically strengthen potentially weak areas. I look to historical practices, archival standards and personal skill to create necessary structural and functional qualities needed to accommodate the continuous shrinking and expansion of wooden artworks. It is deeply important to me to design and manipulate natural material into new objects that will stand the test of time and be enjoyed by generations to come. I respect the lives of trees that make my work possible and cherish the opportunity to react to the natural beauty of each piece of wood that I encounter. 


I find the brick making process fascinating and am excited by their endless building potential. I am inspired by ornate architecture that bricks can create and by the manufacturing processes bricks make possible. Properly built industrial buildings need to be able to withstand environmental elements while facilitating operations. Structurally over built and ornamental buildings illustrate power and importance. Famous buildings provide identity to regions and communities and they are often only made possible through simplistic material, such as brick or lumber. I see the brick as an often-over-looked work horse and as a facilitator of wealth and power, which is why I often meticulously inlay the common brick lay pattern in my furniture and sculpture. 


My work emotes self-reflection, care, pride, respect for material. Through sculpture I explore concepts such as curiosity and wonder. I want the viewer to reflect on the passage of time and question each object’s past. I employ a variety of surface techniques that create pattern and depth through color and texture. I have recently begun using thread to repair broken and split pieces. The act of repairing something that has been broken demonstrates value and care. I believe each piece is stronger once it has been broken and then put back together. Imperfections and repairs function like scars on our bodies, telling stories of past encounters and trauma. I strive to live to have high standards in my wood working practice and continue to toe the line between material control and allowance of natural, organic formation.

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Wyatt Dagla Severs

Wood Artist and Maker
Murray, Kentucky

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